A look at some of the people who have influenced the cannabis industry the most

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Several individuals stand out for their efforts at helping erase the negative cannabis stigma

The growth of an industry as such also has a lot to do with the people behind it. Maybe for a long time, people never thought that big celebrities and well-known names would support cannabis, but time has shown that this is actually now becoming a trend. If one were to make a list of all the prominent people in the cannabis industry, it would be endless, but there’s no problem mentioning the most influential worldwide. Several individuals have been key for breaking the negative stigma associated with cannabis and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, also known as the “Godfather of THC,” is an appropriate person to start with. This well-known Israeli scientist has become known worldwide for his groundbreaking discoveries regarding cannabis. Since 1964, with the identification of THC, Mechoulam has given himself an important position in the industry.

Born in New York City, Jack Herer, nicknamed the Emperor of Hemp, moved years later to California, where his cannabis journey began. After falling into the plant’s arms, Herer put it all aside to focus on his new toiletry store in Venice Beach, the mecca of art and hippie culture at the time. This led him to become a major presence in the movement to legalize cannabis in the 1970s.

Someone who can’t be left behind is singer Willie Nelson. After not only being recognized for his harmonious country music, Nelson has become very involved in cannabis-related activities, and the past 4/20 was a clear example of this. Nelson is co-chair of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and has been in the fight for legalization for several years now.

And last but not least, who else but Snoop Dog. This rapper’s relationship with marijuana has been more than remarkable over the years and his modern marijuana culture has made him one of the most important faces in the industry.