A look at celebrities who are capitalizing on their fame to enter the cannabis market

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Several well-known public figures have made a huge splash in the cannabis space

The growth of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) use has reached a point where even celebrities want to start having their own inclusion. This has undoubtedly caused different types of communities to also start wanting to know more about the industry and interest is growing. Currently, there are several celebrities who have wanted to link their name with the cannabis industry and it seems that they have been able to take advantage of it, as well.

Chelsea Handler, for example, has been a constant speaker about meditation, therapy, marijuana and how all of these things combined have helped her greatly in decreasing her alcohol consumption, while at the same time obtaining a calmer and more relaxed life. “Now you can microdose. Microdosing is taking minimal amounts, so you don’t overdose on that THC high. Everybody is coming out with different versions to treat people. I take a gummy every night to sleep,” Handler asserts.

One of the celebrities who undoubtedly has great importance in the industry today is Seth Rogen and his company called “Houseplant,” which he considers a passion and a dream fulfilled. The company is backed by Canadian producer Canopy Growth Corp. and Rogen has made it clear that beyond providing high-quality products, it is also about spreading a lifestyle with cannabis consumers.

Martha Stewart can be considered one of the most successful marijuana celebrities as she has been involved with marijuana in a variety of ways, whether it’s launching a brand of CBD products (Martha Stewart CBD, also backed by Canopy Growth) or a cooking show with Snoop Dog.

And finally, the list of rappers is immense, but Jay Z is one of the most prominent. So much so that last year, he was named chief visionary officer of two cannabis brands, Caliva and Left Coast Venture, both of which have a focus on hemp and cannabis.