A look at California’s marijuana tourism circuit

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The behind-the-scenes excursions are gaining notoriety

California marijuana tours, while once stigmatized, are beginning to catch on, much the same way the entire industry is beginning to receive better recognition. Where once marijuana tour operators could only deal with a significant amount of red tape and outrageously high taxes – and even resistance from within the industry itself – things are beginning to pick up and there are now a number of marijuana tour companies popping up throughout the state.

Gene Grozovskiy, the son of a Russian immigrant who led Los Angeles tours for decades, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps but saw a niche with the marijuana industry. He outfitted a bus and began taking visitors on pot-themed excursions. He launched Green Tours but acknowledges that the journey hasn’t been an easy one.

Grozovskiy states, “At first, the cannabis industry did not accept us, the tourism industry did not accept us. It took a year of literally knocking on doors and fighting.” He lost money last year but is looking at 2019 with optimistic eyes.

His tours last about four hours and make a stop at a dispensary, a local grow, a bong factory and a private residence where tour participants can partake in their favorite activity. There is also a tour that includes a smoking session with Tommy Chong and he hopes he can eventually get Snoop Dogg Involved.

There are a number of companies now offering marijuana tours throughout the state. Others, such as Green Line Trips, Dope Tours, Weedology and Food High, launched soon after the legalization of recreational marijuana and they’re all now starting to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and patience.