A historic hotel in Colorado could become a cannabis lounge

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Cannabis lounges continue to become part of landscapes across the US

Colorado launched its recreational marijuana sales market almost a decade ago. Since then, there is no doubt that it has become one of the most preferred cannabis tourism among enthusiasts. At the time, state laws prohibited public places from being suitable for the consumption of the plant so tourists really had no place to enjoy their purchases. However, times have changed, and with consumption lounges now opening their doors, a historic Denver hotel plans to ride the trend.

Visitors to the Centennial State now have a variety of options to go smoke in peace, and one hotelier wants to make it easier to consume cannabis on his property. CEO and founder of The 420 Hotels, Chris Chiari, recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine to fund the construction of a consumption lounge in the famed Denver city.

The garage of the historic Patterson Inn currently has no relevant use. Still, with the more than $400,000 Chiari is seeking to raise, it could soon be converted into an exclusive marijuana consumption lounge that meets international standards for a smoke-filled indoor lounge. Chiari is looking for the Mile High City to continue to be seen as one of the most attractive destinations for cannabis lovers.

“Launching this campaign on StartEngine is a major step toward validating cannabis social use,” said Chiari. “We are pairing our four-star award-winning hotel with the most exciting and unique amenity in hospitality today.”

Hotel guests and annual members will now not only be able to enjoy an enjoyable stay but also have the opportunity to legally vaporize and smoke cannabis concentrates. Paying for a room at this hotel will no longer be the same as consuming cannabis-infused edibles in a safe, sophisticated, and legal lounge environment adds a special touch to any stay.

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