A group of California “nuns” turns to cannabis for its healing powers

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California’s Sisters of the Valley become known as “weed nuns”

In Northern California, among the apple groves and the vineyards, is a small group of women called the Sisters of the Valley. The “weed nuns” are creating an entire life around the faith in the healing powers of cannabis, going so far as to wear habits, even though they have no religious connection. They grow cannabis on their property, using a strain that can strip out the THC, but keeps cannabidiol (CBD) intact to be able to focus on the positive properties of CBD without the unwanted psychoactive effects of THC.

One of the “nuns,” Christine Meeusen (who also goes by the name Sister Kate), says, “It’s considered hemp because it won’t get anybody high, but it’s really marijuana. It’s medical marijuana, but just like over the years they’ve been able to develop strains that get you super high. We’ve also developed strains that don’t get you high at all.”

The weed nuns sell products to treat a variety of ailments, including anxiety, insomnia and arthritis. The top product they offer is a topical cream that is used to soothe achy joints – it brings in $3,000 a day.

Meeusen is a former marketing consultant who was looking for a way, as were her peers, to build her own future that could be built on “healthy socialism.” She explains, “We believe in paying taxes. We believe quite frankly that America’s culture of starving the tax system is wrong, it’s morally wrong. Most of us have lived in other places where the tax system actually works.”

They wear the habits, but don’t believe they are making fun of religion. Says Meeusen, “Religion [has] made a mockery of itself. We didn’t have to help them.”

Their choice of attire comes from a requirement more than symbolism. They produce what they define as “medical-grade products” that require the use of headgear for hygiene reasons, which led to the creation of their entire model.

CBD continues to see its once-negative image improve. This trend will continue as it is repeatedly shown to have a significantly higher number of benefits and a very low amount of negative side effects.