A former Minnesota lawmaker sees the value in cannabis beverages

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Former House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler sees strong growth for cannabis beverages

Some legislators continue to support cannabis even after their role in government has come to an end. Ryan Winkler, former DFL House Majority Leader, learned during his role how important this plant can be for human health. That is why he has announced the launch of a new brand of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) beverages.

Winkler played a key role in the passage of the law that legalized the THC edibles industry. That has led him to want to continue exploring new opportunities in the industry. With plans to be implemented in the coming months, Winkler will launch Crooked Beverage Company. This commercial firm will offer for sale different THC-infused flavored beverages in retail stores.

Winkler led the effort to legalize low-dose THC products. However, he said that at the time, he did not even think about starting a company. Now, after the people’s decision, he has wanted to venture into the THC beverage business after losing the primary election for Hennepin County Attorney last August.

“I was hoping to be Hennepin County prosecutor and focus on public safety,” Winkler said. “I didn’t think about being in business until the voters decided otherwise for me, and I looked for other opportunities.”

The effort to legalize recreational marijuana in Minnesota includes the former House majority leader’s name. Two years ago, the House passed Winkler’s bill to legalize recreational marijuana, but it ran into stiff obstacles in the Republican-controlled Senate. This year’s cannabis legalization measure is similar to Winkler’s legislation.