A Florida company is beginning clinical trials on cannabis use disorder drugs

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Medical marijuana offers a lot of health benefits, but too much of it can counter those effects

Cannabis use disorder is characterized by the pathological use of cannabis, which is the most widely used illicit substance worldwide. Currently, there is no strong evidence of the long-term benefits of pharmacological or psychosocial interventions in the treatment of cannabis use disorder. However, a clinical trial company in Florida has initiated the first studies of the first drug for people suffering from this condition.

Some people who use marijuana will have marijuana use disorder, meaning that they are unable to stop using marijuana despite psychological, physical, or social impairments. People with marijuana use disorder may also be at increased risk for other negative consequences, such as attention, memory, and learning problems.

Segal Trials, a clinical trials company, aims to address this issue. That is why the Miami-based firm announced a Phase 2B study to investigate a new drug designed to treat cannabis use disorder. It should be noted that the FDA has not yet approved any drug designed to treat cannabis use disorder.

Named AEF0117-202, this drug, subject to further trials, was created by Aelis Farma and is considered the first clinical candidate in a new pharmacological class of drugs, sCB1-SSi, according to a press release. Rishi Kakar, CSO and medical director of Segal Trials, says the drug aims to help people who use marijuana constantly to “end their dependence” on the plant.

“Chronic marijuana use can drastically impact individuals’ social and professional lives in many ways, from poor work or school performance to mood disorders,” Dr. Kakar said in a press release. “This Phase 2B study gets us closer to the prospect of effectively treating people who want to end their reliance on cannabis but don’t have the tools to quit.”