A first-of-its-kind cannabis project is coming to Michigan

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A massive undertaking promises to be the first mega-cannabis project in the industry

Muskegon, MI, appears to have become the destination of choice for a group of entrepreneurs to pursue a comprehensive cannabis destination. The one-of-a-kind project valued at $10 million would include a dispensary, processing and cultivation facility, consumption lounge, outdoor venue, restaurant, and bar. Having an all-in-one complex would certainly be a dream come true for any enthusiast who lives in or chooses to visit the region.

Located just east of U.S. 31 at 420 S. Harvey St. in Muskegon, the project, the Fields Cannary, would be worth $10 million. With an existing 11,000-square-foot Sons of Norway shelter, the approximately four-acre property would be the ideal space for a dispensary, cannabis consumption only, restaurant and bar. Intended to create an unprecedented venue, the project also intends on including a 17,000-foot greenhouse facility and processing center.

The group of Michigan- and Chicago-based entrepreneurs say that among their plans is to hire about 45 people once Fields Cannary is completed. The project is expected to open in late summer or fall 2023. Grow America Builders LLC was chosen as the construction company to carry out the process, which should begin in the next few weeks. The Illinois-based company specializes in projects related to the marijuana industry.

Muskegon native Cory Roberts is part of the Fields Cannary development team. He claims this is the most exclusive zoned cannabis property he has ever known. He says the city of Muskegon is perfect, as it was the first to give the green light for the “caregivers and compassion centers to take place and they stepped to the forefront of what residents requested with adult use.”