A different kind of homemade CBD recipe – CBD face masks

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Care for the skin with a face mask made with the cannabis compound

Today’s recipe presents another way to take advantage of the many health benefits that are attributed to cannabidiol (CBD). Instead of an edible, this recipe is about making a powerful face cleanser. By combining CBD with other natural ingredients, like cinnamon, this face mask can bring relief to blemishes and redness besides leaving your skin softer than ever.

CBD Anti-inflammatory Face Mask


– 1 t manuka honey
– 1/4 t CBD oil* – any brand of your choice
– 1/8 t ground cinnamon

Yields: This amount is enough to make one single-use face mask.

*To select the CBD oil to be used on this facemask there are plenty of options in the market. There are some that come already infused with another fragrance like lavender, which can also help you get relaxed while waiting for the masks to do its job. But always make sure you are aware of the potency of the product because using a low potency oil might not give you the anti-inflammatory results that should.

Preparation time: 15-20 minutes.


This face mask works better if made right before it’s used, and any leftovers can be saved in the fridge for future use. To get started, in a small bowl, combine the three ingredients and mix well.

How to use

Once the mixture is evenly mixed, you can apply it to your face – previously cleaned – preferably in a thin layer and avoiding any contact with the eyes. Keep the mask on for 15 minutes up to one hour. Once done, rinse the mask off using warm water and then moisturize it as you would normally do.