A Detroit cannabis company is giving away turkeys for Thanksgiving

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Puff Cannabis is giving back to the community that has supported it since its launch

Thanksgiving will take place on Thursday, November 24. It is a deeply rooted holiday in the US, which gathers family and friends around a table. Most people commemorate this holiday with family gatherings in their homes, where a tremendous feast is prepared, with turkey being one of the main dishes. Those living near the Detroit metropolitan area could benefit from the plans Puff Cannabis has for this holiday. The cannabis company said it will give away more than 1,700 turkeys.

Thanksgiving dinner includes a large baked turkey as the main course. This turkey is usually accompanied by stuffing made from cornbread and sage. As delicious as it sounds, not every family has the monetary resources to be able to have such a dinner. That is why the company’s founder says his intention is to help all those less fortunate people during this traditional celebration.

The Puff Cannabis marijuana dispensary chain now wants to bring joy to more than 1,700 families for Thanksgiving. The company currently has seven locations in Bay City, Traverse City, Sturgis, Oscoda, Hamtramck, Madison Heights and Utica. The latter three were selected to distribute the turkeys beginning November 18.

The turkeys will be delivered in a first-come, first-served format and it was made clear that no purchase is necessary to go home with your Thanksgiving dinner. Justin Elias, the founder of Puff Cannabis, is looking to give back to the community, hoping that less fortunate families will also have a pretty nice night.

“Thanksgiving is the time for all families to come together, to celebrate and be thankful for what they have, but to also think about others who are less fortunate,” Elias said in a statement late last week. “That is why I decided on behalf of the Puff Cannabis company we would give away over 1700 turkeys in the communities where we are located.”

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