A cannabis trade show in Palm Springs, CA, shows the future of events

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California regularly hosts reasons to celebrate cannabis

Fashion and cannabis were part of two trade shows that came to the Palm Springs, CA, area last week. Attendees were able to enjoy the FashionGo clothing showcase and the Hall of Flowers cannabis event.

While both events are relevant to people’s different lifestyles, Hall of Flowers was the section that was causing a buzz. In fact, the women working the FashionGo registration booth at the Convention Center were fearful of missing out (FOMO). “We hear they are shuttling people in from all over and traffic is backed up on the 111 [freeway],” they said of Hall of Flowers.

FashionGo had about 100 vendors, who were not happy to see Hall of Flowers hogging the spotlight. Kind of like a kid waiting to be invited to play in the park.

Meanwhile, about five miles to the east, Hall of Flowers felt like the Tomorrowland of cannabis holding an outdoor consumption lounge covered in marijuana. In addition, there were dispensaries, food trucks, and a crowd eager to see how to experience the culture to the fullest.

California continues to be a state at the forefront of all things related to cannabis culture, being one of only 19 states that allow adult consumption. The premium business-to-business Hall of Flowers event began in 2020 in Santa Rosa and later expanded to the southern part of the state. For the remainder of the year, Las Vegas, Toronto, and Santa Rosa are expected to be the next destinations for three more events.

As is usual to see at most trade shows, there were plenty of surprises and giveaways, from lighters and logoed tote bags to non-medicated versions of cannabis hot sauce and gummies. Many people left the place with a satisfied look on their faces as they were able to spend an amazing day surrounded by cannabis culture.