A cannabis REIT is going public through a new partnership

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MJ REIT will give investors a strong target, with investment trusts gaining traction

Sometimes the union of forces is necessary to achieve a goal. This is the path that cannabis-focused MJ REIT has chosen in order to go public. Its collaboration with Realty Group and Arcview Capital has given it the final piece to the puzzle in order to have a successful market launch.

MJ REIT is a hybrid real estate investment trust (REIT) that focuses primarily on acquiring, holding, leasing and providing financing to buildings operating in state-legal marijuana markets across the country. Now with this partnership, the REIT aims to focus on plant-related retail and industrial commercial real estate.

According to the recently completed deal between the two parties, Rainbow Realty Group will adopt a sub-managerial role at MJ REIT, taking charge of making intelligent investment decisions. Arcview Capital will be responsible for acting as a managing broker-dealer, distributing shares to investors, and providing sales support as needed.

“With heightened volatility in the markets and investor concerns about rising rates and inflation,” says Christopher Reece, CEO of MJ REIT. “It’s exciting to offer a strategy that gives investors an innovative option to assist them reach their long-term goals.”

For his part, Rainbow Realty Group President Kyel Shenfeld says that with this new partnership, he and his firm can be the perfect anchor to help companies in this industry raise funds. Rainbow Realty Group is known for using a cautious underwriting strategy and values properties using ‘non-cannabis’ valuations, unlike other REITs that are involuted in the market.