A cannabis bus is making its rounds through Texas

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CannaBus wants to clear the air and educate Texans on the benefits of cannabis

Taking a bus may not be a very exciting experience for people. However, that thinking would certainly change if the trip involved fun, entertainment, and marijuana-based education. Texas will soon have an unparalleled experience as a state cannabis firm brings a new initiative called the CannaBus. Passengers will be able to ride this bus in order to raise awareness about medical marijuana laws.

The upcoming tour called “Ride For Your Rights” is considered part of an effort to raise awareness about the state’s medical marijuana laws and how people can be a part of the program. It should be noted that the upcoming November elections could also get a couple of mentions.

Operated by Austin-based Goodblend, a retail brand of multi-state operator Parallel, the tour is scheduled to begin on October 4. Spanning 36 feet, the bus will feature product displays, a private consultation room, and an outdoor educational exhibit.

“At Goodblend Medical Cannabis, we want Texans to feel good. We believe access to medical cannabis will help,” the company asserted. “That’s why we’re hitting the road. Our ‘Ride For Your Rights’ CannaBus Tour will rally support to expand access to medical cannabis for Texans. We hope to convince state legislators to make real, lasting change.”

Reece Fulgham, Parallel’s executive director, says that unless Texans stand up for their rights, the medical cannabis program will never change in the Lone Star State. This new tour was developed with the intention of educating and mobilizing support to expand access to what Texans need. Through the support gathered, organizers hope to convince Texas lawmakers that there is a strong public demand for real and lasting change.