A Black Friday cannabis gift-giving guide

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Get ready for the craziest shopping day of the year, even if it’s going to be held virtually

High Times Magazine has put together a dazzling collection of adult toys that cater to the tastes and customs of true connoisseurs of cannabis. Throw away that old gift list and start over after you have had a look at these pretty toys, which have arrived just in time for Black Friday. It’s definitely not too early to start preparing for the holiday shopping experience, even if COVID-19 is forcing almost everything to be conducted virtually.

The Extreme Q is a high-quality desktop vaporizer for that friend that spends a lot of time at their desk. It is made and marketed by the Arizer Company, which has a reputation for producing quality products that actually work.

Pungent Greens makes tasty, chewable Gummies that are loaded with Full Spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) in several interesting flavors and two strengths, 2000 mg or 5000 mg of CBD per jar of 50 Gummies at accessible prices and come with a money-back guarantee.

420 Waldos by Time Concepts are clever and colorful wristwatches that were designed and created to support the cannabis movement by donating as much as 20% of each sale to organizations working to legalize marijuana at the federal level. These “glow in the dark” watch dials, which glow for 10 hours after only 10 minutes in any light, won’t get you high, but they are very cool and would make great stocking stuffers for Santa Claus. Their slogan is Get Lit!

The Solo II is yet another connoisseur creation from the folks at Arizer billed as the ‘most powerful portable vaporizer yet’ is a perfect gift for the sophisticated smoker on your list featuring quality construction and ease of operation.