8 CBD-infused beverages worth trying

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The drinks provide relief to a plethora of ailments

Drinks infused with cannabidiol (CBD) have the ability to provide relief for a number of conditions. Stress relief, decreased muscle and joint pain, reduced anxiety and reduced inflammation are just a few of the benefits of CBD, plus it has the advantage of not getting the user high like THC does. There are now a number of CBD-infused beverages on the market, and several are showing great consumer promise.

Aurora Elixers is one of the most common. It is a tonic that contains 15mg of CBD and is available in two flavors – Lavender Spice and Grapefruit Rosemary. They are created from hemp oil that is guaranteed to be THC-free, meaning they can be enjoyed without the high.

Another option are Oleo’s powder mixes. They are available as instant CBD-infused coconut water or tea, as well as a third, flavorless mix. They are billed as being perfect for calming the nerves, as well as for providing relief for inflammation.

Dirty Lemon is rising fast in popularity. It has only 15 calories per body and provides, “mild euphoria, full-body relaxation, and a clear head,” according to its creators. The fruit-forward flavor is enhanced by “woodsy notes” and the elixir contains Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to help boost electrolytes. The introduction of L-Theanine, an ingredient found in tea, helps improve cognition, tranquility and alertness.

Sprig is one of the first CBD sodas to be introduced to the market. It comes in three flavors – Sparkling Lemon Tea, Citrus and Melon – and each can provides 20mg of CBD. It is said to be especially beneficial following an exercise routine, as it will reduce inflammation and anxiety while averting the sugar high associated with a lot of canned beverages.

A cold brew CBD-infused coffee offered by Kickback will provide an energized feeling, but won’t lead to the coffee jitters. Each drink contains 20mg of CBD and Kickback is available in five options – Just Peachy, Coffee Data, Golden Cashew, O.G. Cold Brew and Matcha.

They say that a glass of red wine daily can have significant benefits to the body. It only makes sense, then, that adding CBD to wine would be an even better option. Cannawine, a sweet and sugary wine out of Spain, is 50% Garnacha and 50% cariñana grapes. It contains a small amount of sativa as an accent to the rich body of the wine.

Classic soda flavors have found a resurgence thanks to Cannabinoid Creations (CC). It offers flavors such as Grape Limeade, Cartoon Cereal Crunch and High Tide Honeydew Melon that incorporates pharmaceutical-grade CBD from harvested hemp plants. CC also offers other products, including CBD water, chocolate and syrups.

Endo has taken ordinary water and made it extraordinary. It infuses H2O with hemp oil for its products, which come in four flavors – pure, lemon lime, cucumber and watermelon.

There are a lot of choices, just like there are a lot of tastes. However, all of the options provide amazing benefits and an excellent alternative to the boring, played-out drinks found on the market today.

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