7 unique marijuana products

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These product gift suggestions range from the most pragmatic to the most weird

It’s December 12, which means we only have to listen to Christmas gift ideas for another 12 days. If you’re still not sure what to get the special cannabis enthusiast on your list, there are a number of suggestions that range from wonderful to weird.

Mary’s Nutritionals offers a complete line of hemp-based products. The company has been around since the previous Farm Bill was signed, working with chemists, botanists, physicians and nutritionists to develop the perfect cannabis solutions.

For the “hip” person on the list, Wildflower’s CBD+ Vaporizer would be a good fit. It combines cannabidiol (CBD) with eucalyptus, thyme and myrrh and provides instant relief. It can help boost the immune system and comes in a cool, sleek and elegant pen.

Chocolate is almost always a winner. Satori’s Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Almonds are infused with CBD (140mg) and THC (14mg) and make a great gift. They can also be used in cookies. Grind them up and add them to the mix for an additional kick.

A perfect stocking stuffer is the bottle of CBD Gummies offered by Hemp Bombs. They not only enhance better moods and sleep, they’re great for pain and stress relief. Just make sure to keep them out of the reach of children, who could easily be attracted to their colorful designs.

A bath bomb will give anyone the ability to take their bath to new highs. Flower’s Flowerchild bath bomb contains 50mg of CBD, coconut oil, witch hazel, Epsom salt and a quartz crystal – everything needed for the perfect relaxing soak.

For the skin-care fan on the list, perhaps Milk Makeup’s Kush Mascara will be the answer. It is “clump-free” and provides eyelash “conditioning” to make the lashes stronger and brighter. This suggestion starts to fall into the weird category, but there’s always something for everyone and this could be it.

The strangest item is the Hair Pomade offered by (Malin + Goetz), parenthesis included in the name like they’re ashamed to admit they created it. It contains Meadowfoam seed extract, which is rich in long-chain fatty acids to help encourage a healthier head of hair. Sorry, it doesn’t work for chrome-domes.