5 ways to use marijuana extracts

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Marijuana is much more than something to be smoked

Marijuana has seen a lot of progress, especially in the past two to three years. Of the many cannabinoids found in the plant, cannabidiol (CBD) has grabbed the most attention and has led to a number of scientific advances that have pushed marijuana well beyond just being something that is smoked. In order to fully receive the benefits of marijuana, there are healthier, and sometimes more socially-acceptable methods, for receiving relief.

CBD oil tinctures are becoming one of the most popular forms of consumption. It can be administered under the tongue in a matter of seconds and allows the cannabinoid’s traits to enter the bloodstream quicker. On average, relief is found within 20 minutes.

CBD edibles, although the current center of debate regarding their legitimacy, are another popular alternative. CBD-infused edibles are available directly for purchase, but CBD oil can also be purchased and added to any homemade dish, as well.

CBD oil vaporizers have found favor with millennials. With a vaporizer, the CBD oil is heated and then inhaled, allowing it to be absorbed directly into the lungs. It takes effect quickly, but the vaporizers have a short lifespan and have to be replaced frequently.

CBD transdermal patches allow for absorption directly through the skin. They include time-release components that vary from four to six hours and two types of patches are available. One, the reservoir patch, includes a gel CBD layer and the other, a matrix patch, suffuses CBD within the adhesive itself.

One alternative that is finding a significant following in therapy is CBD cream. The creams, or even CBD lotions, are being used to treat inflammation and muscle soreness, but also in yoga and exercise as a standard component to enable a more complete routine.

There is still a lot to look forward to with marijuana innovation and things are just heating up. It will be interesting to look back, five years from now, and see how far the world has evolved.