5 under $5 – cannabis stocks you can buy right now

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These companies have serious upside and could be bright stars in marijuana’s future

Cannabis sales are predicted to reach $16.9 billion this year. That’s a staggering amount, given that the industry is still relatively nascent. As the year rolls forward, cannabis companies are going to continue to strengthen their market positions, but there are still five that can be purchased now for less than $5, and they all have an extremely bright future.

The first is Real Brands, which is developing a beverage called Omegahemp Water. The drink is infused with cannabidiol (CBD) and has already begun to attract a lot of interest. Real Brands has a strong management team onboard and is going to expand into other cannabis categories, such as edibles, lotions and smokeables.

Next in line is Emerald Health Therapeutics. It has announced the launch in the U.S. of its award-winning Endo products, which will soon be found on the shelves of Whole Foods Markets across the country. The Endo line covers a range of offerings to help combat insomnia, anxiety, stress and many other health issues.

The Green Organic Dutchman has been given a license by the Danish Medicines Agency, the government body that issues cannabis licenses in Denmark, through a joint venture between Green Organic and Knud Jepsen. Knud will now immediately begin to import cannabis and related materials, as well as to begin research and development on elite cannabis genetics.

The Alkaline Water Company is bringing a novel product to the U.S. market. Its A88 Infused division is going to introduce “bioactive natural hemp extract molecules,” which allow for the easy creation of water-soluble cannabis solutions.

MedMen continues to impress and remain strong, despite some internal issues. However, it has now been the recipient of $133 million in capital from the Treehouse Real Estate Investment Trust, which will purchase certain properties from MedMen. That will give the company a considerable amount of liquidity to fund its expansion efforts.

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive way to break into marijuana stock investments, these five could be the perfect solution. Any marijuana stocks should be viewed as a long-term hold and investors need to be prepared to let the money ride as the industry matures.

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