5 new career fields that have spawned thanks to marijuana

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The marijuana industry continues to prove to be beneficial to economies

Within just two years, 250,000 new jobs are expected to be introduced to the marijuana industry, according to research firm New Frontier Data. In just one year, 2017 proved to be key to state economies, with the marijuana industry growing by 445%. This was greater than both the tech and health care industries, which grew by 254% and 70%, respectively. Going forward, a number of new employment opportunities will be added, further allowing economies on a number of levels to grow more than government administrations ever thought possible.

Emerging on the short list of preferred job posting boards are opportunities such as Director of Cultivation, Budtender, Director of Extraction, Trimmer and Dispensary Manager. Salaries fluctuate greatly from field to field and from state to state, but California and Washington are constantly looking for the most talent. The growing list of universities across the country that are offering marijuana courses are giving all of the fields the ability to begin to command higher salaries, so negotiating a better deal is almost always a possibility.

There are other fields that are looking for marijuana specialists, as well. The CEO of cannabis employment recruiting firm Vangst, Karson Humiston, points out, “When I asked people what positions they were hiring for, it was everything from a botanist to a chemical engineer to a Ph.D. to a retail store manager to a marketing manager to a human resource manager to a CFO. You name it, and these companies were hiring for it.”

Despite the federal marijuana ban, many employers are willing to push forward and employees are just as happy to get involved. You can’t stop progress and there is no doubt that marijuana is not just here to stay, but that it’s a growing industry with an extremely bright future.