5 must-have products for new marijuana users

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These products help clear the confusion on what first-time marijuana users need

As marijuana continues to be accepted by a larger section of the population, there will be a growing number of individuals looking to enter the fray. Whether it’s out of sheer curiosity or the realization that marijuana has a ton of benefits, the industry continues to see more adoption on a daily basis. While there are a number of ways to consume marijuana, anyone looking to step into the space by smoking can take advantage of these five essential supplies to make the transition easier and less confusing.

  1. Purchase a pipe bomb. They allow for a small amount of marijuana to be lit for smoking, are easy to carry and even easier to keep clean. They’re typically made out of crystal, wood or clay and some are even shatter-proof, perfect for anyone with fumbling fingers.
  2. Cannabis is usually sold in small buds. These need to be put into a grinder before smoking in order to allow the bud to burn evenly. It’s possible to grind the flower by hand, but using a grinder will make the process easier, more consistent and keep your hands clean.
  3. Rolling a marijuana cigarette takes practice. For beginners, there are pre-rolled cones that make the process much simpler. These prepared rolls only need to be filled with marijuana and have one end twisted to be able to get started.
  4. For the occasional user who isn’t going to go through the entire stash quickly, it’s always recommended to store the supply in a safe, dry location. There are resealable packs available in most dispensaries that protect the stash and keep out humidity. They’ll preserve the color, aroma and flavor of the flower, allowing the marijuana to be fresher, longer.
  5. If you’re concerned about the social stigma (wrongly) associated with marijuana and don’t want your house to smell like a ganja party, store your products in smell-proof bags. The best ones contain an activated carbon lining designed to conceal marijuana’s aroma. They’re also beneficial to protect from young children or teenagers.