5 hot new marijuana stores to check out in California

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These five shops are impressing consumers in 2019

Competition for marijuana customers continues to get more fierce. No longer can stores just put the products on the shelves and expect to draw in the crowds – they need to develop an edge, a niche that is appealing to consumers. Several new stores popping up around California understand this and are setting themselves apart from the rest.

The Vapor Room in San Francisco is a throwback to the early days of cannabis in The Golden State. It was actually open in 2004, but was closed when the dispensary crackdown of 2012 began. It offers some of the best boutique cannabis on the marketing, including top-shelf products from IC Collective and Gold Seal, as well as mid-shelf products from suppliers such as Aster Farms and Flow Kana. Vapor Room also has some of the most exquisite edibles on the market today.

Moe Green’s is giving the Vapor Room some competition in San Fran. It was launched by the owners of Barbary Coast, the city’s most popular cannabis lounge. It offers 4,200 square feet of dispensary and lounge space and draws its design from a mid-century Vegas casino. A wide range of products, including some top-of-the-line cannabis cigars and Gelonade, make it a must-visit.

March and Ash in San Diego opened last September. It has an entire room specifically catering to cannabidiol (CBD) products and the store has a diverse, and somewhat eclectic menu, with an awesome assortment of possibilities.

ECO Oakland is a bright, airy dispensary run by employees who had previously been convicted of cannabis-related crimes. ECO stands for Equity Cannabis of Oakland and it is designed to correct the social injustice of the drug war. The dispensary offers a variety of live resin, gourmet edibles, rare flower and much more and the company is built on the mantra of helping others start their own business.

In LA, Cannary West is making a splash. It is a modern dispensary that allows customers to explore on their own, but with budtenders ready to lend a hand. 350 products are in stock, giving a lot of options to consumers. There are more than 100 vape cartridges with flavors from producers like Eel River, King Pen, Heavy Hitters and more, and the array of edibles is out of this world.

California is in the midst of revamping its marijuana policies following sales that were slower than expected, but it is still proving to be one of the best states for marijuana enthusiasts. This becomes more obvious as you walk through the cities and see the marijuana stores – no longer simply some cannabis thrown on a shelf, but classy and elegant.