5 cool new cannabis brands

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Cannabis is trendy and these products are hot

As cannabis continues to receive more recognition, it is making its way deeper into the consumer world in areas where most might not expect to find it. New brands are popping up all the time and several are turning into fashion statements. In 2019, these five brands are really leaving their mark.

Verde Vie is a company that produces cannabis paraphernalia – papers, rolling trays, scissors and much more. It has partnered up with The Moon Bacon, an iconic artist out of Japan, to create a feminine line of cannabis products that are meant to catch the eye. Pink and fun, the Moon Bacon Kit provides all the essentials and the artist’s iconic imagery.

Tokyo Smoke carries an eclectic array of products that appeal to the marijuana connoisseur. It started out to become the first cannabis café in Canada, but regulations prohibited it, so it morphed into a store that offers unique products not found elsewhere.

Tweed was the first licensed cannabis company in North America to be publicly traded. It has built its own marketplace and offers strains unique to its brand. It is also making a large investment into cannabis education in order to help set the record straight on what cannabis is and isn’t.

DOJA, now a part of Hiku Brands, was one of the first companies to offer fashionable cannabis apparel. Sales from its new line, the Pardon collection, are used to support campaigns that push for causes such as record expungement and amnesty, so a purchase of the products also means that you’re supporting the causes directly, as well.

Burb is a new retail company that is based in British Columbia. According to the company’s co-founder and CEO, John Kaye, “Our team uses cannabis, we’re all high functioning, educated adults with families and ambitions. We want to sell products we’re using ourselves and make high-quality apparel that speaks to a new cannabis culture — sans rasta-pot-leaf and inspired by our own environment growing up and living in [Vancouver] BC. Creating a culture one can associate with and lifestyle one can be proud of is our main focus.”