4 marijuana stocks to consider this week

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These companies need to be watched when considering a marijuana stock market investment

The nascent marijuana industry is regularly making top headlines, even when it relates to stock markets and investments. There has been a great deal of excitement over the course of 2018, and into 2019, as marijuana stocks continue to show promise and several companies are popping up this week as favorites. A couple of names are regulars, but two may be a little surprising.

Aphria is a familiar brand and is continuing to make waves. It recently received permission from Health Canada to expand its production capabilities and will soon add another 800,000 square feet at Aphria One. The company’s interim CEO, Irwin Simon, explained, “We are ready to hit the ground running and look forward to alleviating industry-wide supply constraints with our greatly expanded production capacity and sophisticated, proprietary automation technology that will ensure Aphria remains at the forefront of cannabis cultivation and innovation. In anticipation of Health Canada’s approval, we had allocated a portion of our previously approved capacity to mother and vegetative plants that will be used as the initial growing crops in Part IV and Part V.”

Emerald Health is one of the top marijuana companies. It was recently given, through a joint venture it has in Pure Sunfarms Corp., a new cultivation license for British Columbia, which is going to see it participate in over 1.03 million square feet and 16 grow rooms of marijuana production. The company’s executive chairman, Dr. Avtar Dhillon, stated, ”With Emerald’s 50% stake in one of the largest fully operational cannabis production facilities in the world, we expect to realize significant economic value from Pure Sunfarms. We expect our supply agreement with Pure Sunfarms for 40% of its 2019 production, along with our Quebec and hemp operations, to support strong quarter to quarter sales growth this year.”

Innovative Industrial Properties, a company that invests in marijuana businesses, is expected to release its 2018 financials tomorrow after the market closes. Many eyes will be watching in order to place their bets on how 2019 will play out for the company. It hasn’t seen the amount of attention that has been given to Aphria or Emerald Health, but has still been in the shadows.

One company that only a small few are aware of is Global Consortium Inc. It is driving the hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) market and has begun to receive more recognition. It is in the process of building a “Cannabis Mall,” which will give the company the ability to manufacture, distribute, deliver, test, cultivate and retail cannabis under a single 64,000-square-foot building.

Marijuana stocks continue to be received favorably and there are no indications this will change. To the contrary, the marijuana stock market is poised to be the largest disruptor seen in more than 15 years and now is the time to start including the stocks in portfolios, before they explode.