24-hour delivery is coming to the cannabis industry

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Mint Cannabis is launching round-the-clock delivery, which could find others doing the same

Delivery has become the only way for many businesses to deliver their products, especially after experiencing a pandemic. Although the home delivery service has existed for several years, modern life and the new normality in which many people live have generated a need for people to buy all kinds of products without having to leave home, even better if it is 24/7. Mint Cannabis, a multistate marijuana operator with retail stores in Arizona and Michigan, is well aware of this reality. As such, it has announced plans to offer 24-hour service in Arizona for those 21 and older.

To kick off this type of operation, its Mint’s Tempe dispensary was selected as the first to offer this service on October 14. This location, located at 5210 S. Priest Dr., where it offers 24-hour service every weekend from 7:00 AM on Thursday until midnight on Sunday. Depending on demand, these hours may be extended in the future.

By offering 24-hour service, the company aims to better serve those who need it most during the evening hours and those customers who have uncomfortable work shifts. Medical patients within a 25-mile radius of Mint’s Tempe dispensary will be able to enjoy its products. In addition, a self-service facility will also be offered to customers, providing added convenience and accessibility.

By the end of this year, the company plans to open two additional retail stores in Phoenix. Expansion plans are also projected in hot markets such as Nevada, Missouri, Massachusetts and Illinois.