2022 was a great year for marijuana sales in Maine

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The state’s cannabis market set a new record, helping the US industry grow

Maine and recreational marijuana sales appear to have closed out a fairly positive 2022. With sales nearly reaching a doubled amount last year, regulators say the market is at a peak that exceeds expectations. It has become clear that the wait was worth it, as it took approximately four years after voters said yes to legalization for the adult-use cannabis market to open its doors for sale.

Maine has closed the books on 2022 recreational marijuana sales. While it is true that the price saw a considerable drop during that period, revenues continued to rise last year to a record $158 million in sales. This has opened up hopes for many to believe that growth may not be slowing down anytime soon.

“Marijuana is part of the travel industry now,” said recreational marijuana user Dana Emberley, who has been turning to the plant’s benefits to relieve her neck and back pain. “It’s definitely a medical industry, and some people don’t see it that way, but it definitely is. It definitely helps people, as well as entertains them,” she added.

Meghan Atherton of Rose Mary Jane says many people visit the store in order to find a solution to their constant aches and pains and various sleep disorders. The Rose Mary Jane cannabis store opened a year and a half ago in Portland, and although Atherton believed that after the vacations, there would be a drop in business, that was not really the case.

John Hudak, director of the Maine Office of Cannabis Policy, says that as time has gone on, this industry has become a major force in Pine Tree State’s economy. Regulators forecast an even more productive 2023.