Options trading available on cannabis ETF

Posted by - July 31, 2019

The Cannabis ETF offered by Innovation Shares now offers put and call options Innovation Shares, which is behind several exchange-traded funds (ETF), is making some changes to it’s the Cannabis ETF option. As of the end of last week, options can now be traded on the NYSE American Options and the NYSE Arca Options markets,

Charlotte’s Web signs deal with Kroger grocery stores

Posted by - July 31, 2019

The Colorado-based company is blazing a path for CBD products Charlotte’s Web Holdings has had a grip on the cannabidiol (CBD) market for the past couple of years and has tightened that grip substantially in 2019. Apart from entering new distribution agreements and doubling its hemp farms, the Colorado-based company has been able to put

Rapper Jim Jones introduces cannabis products

Posted by - July 31, 2019

The lyrical artist plans on working with Saucy Farms to offer pre-rolls Jim Jones, a rapper, novice actor and music video director, is getting into the legal marijuana industry. As a music video director, he goes by the name CAPO and he has adopted this moniker to offer his new CAPO Blunt, a pre-roll that

Stomach bloating relieved by cannabis

Posted by - July 31, 2019

Excessive gas or other afflictions impacting the digestive system are countered by CBD After a particular heavy meal or a dish that didn’t sit well with the body’s digestive system, people can feel bloated, stuffed, uncomfortable and generally uneasy. Alka-Seltzer may be a regular remedy for the buildup of gases or the pressure on the

Marijuana legalization causes major drop in traffic stops and searches

Posted by - July 31, 2019

Legalized marijuana has had some surprising results that many hadn’t considered It has already been shown that legalized marijuana results in lower teen consumption. It has also been shown that workplaces are safer where marijuana is acceptable and that property values in areas that have marijuana dispensaries are higher than before the shops were in

Washington law makes it easier to expunge records

Posted by - July 30, 2019

A new law will wipe records, no questions asked Washington State legalized marijuana consumption six years ago, but many people were still marked as outcasts because of entries on their permanent records related to marijuana possession. As of this week, though, this is changing thanks to a new state law that allows people with certain

CannTrust fires its CEO, stocks jump

Posted by - July 29, 2019

After a dip in the cannabis stock market, some are beginning to rebound After it was revealed in May that CannTrust was secretly cultivating marijuana, regulators and investors weren’t too happy. The revelation caused a ripple effect across the entire marijuana stock market, with CannTrust obviously taking the brunt of the impact. Things began to

Law enforcement turns to Swiss products for CBD tests

Posted by - July 29, 2019

The cannabis industry is getting real tools to help identify products Distinguishing hemp from marijuana isn’t always easy. Law enforcement departments have a difficult time telling the two apart and a lack of proper identification can lead to a long list of problems in a judicial setting. While tools have been developed to try to

Melissa Etheridge has a cannabis company

Posted by - July 29, 2019

Etheridge Farms meets with California regulators’ approval Another celebrity is getting into the cannabis industry, helping to bring more awareness to the positive benefits of the plant. Oscar and Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge, best known for her unique music style and voice, has launched Etheridge Farms after receiving approval from California marijuana regulators. The company

Survivor star survives cancer thanks to cannabis

Posted by - July 29, 2019

Ethan Zohn uses CBD to battle anxiety and depression post-cancer Ethan Zohn may be best known as the winner of Survivor: Africa, but he’s also a survivor of another kind. He overcame his cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, a relapse and two bone marrow transplants, and has now been cancer-free for seven years. While his battle with