2018’s most important marijuana studies

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This year has been significant in showing the benefits of marijuana use

After decades of virtually no progress in cannabis research, 2018 has produced a plethora of studies that show the benefits of Mother Nature’s wonder drug. It is quickly gaining a reputation of being effective in combatting a number of ailments and, now that the gates have been opened, more studies will continue to help the space evolve, providing both the positive and negative aspects of the plant. Looking back throughout the year, there were a number of important advances in helping define cannabis and 2019 will most certainly continue the trend.

This year, marijuana was shown to be an effective alternative to opioids for controlling pain. Not only is it non-addictive and free of the side effects associated with the pharmaceutical option, marijuana can also reduce opioid addiction.

Cannabis is also beneficial in creating a more pleasurable sexual experience. Three studies have shown that marijuana use, in moderation, increases not only pleasure in having sex, but it increases the frequency with which couples copulate, as well.

Another study showed that cannabidiol (CBD) can restore changes made in the brain as a result of regular cannabis use. Given that cannabis is quickly becoming the preferred treatment for everything from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease, this is especially promising, as it means patients can take advantage of the power of cannabis without worrying about permanent damage.

While many studies have given credence to the power of cannabis, one of the most important – and one that was recognized by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) – was the revelation that cannabis can fight epilepsy. The FDA even gave the green light to the first cannabis-based drug for epilepsy patients, Epidiolex.

Science is only now truly beginning to understand the virtues of cannabis. With more states adopting marijuana laws and the federal government getting onboard, as well, 2019 is shaping up to be an incredible year for the marijuana research industry.

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